Je m’appelle Ranada!

Je m’appelle Ranada!

I just got to France earlier today, and I am truly ecstatic!  I’ve been waiting ALL my life (or at least since my mom exposed me to the French culture and language when I was small) to come here!  Already, I’m in awe.  And I’m already learning!  For instance, WHO KNEW that storks still exist??  I thought they were extinct.  My trip roommate thought they were always just a fictional character.  Well, Strasbourg evidently is known for its storks, and I saw a bunch of them when we got to the city.

Also, I don’t want to ever hear anyone call me a weakling again!  I carried my luggage up 3 flights of narrow castle steps this afternoon!  With my post-shot arm!  Lemme tell you how uncomfortable this trip has been after getting a Tetanus booster and a Hep A shot in my left arm.  Hep B went in my right, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.  I’m still having pain when I even MOVE the left one.  But the charm of being overseas trumps the pain.

One of my biggest fears was that I would get here and leave all emaciated cuz I hated the food.  So when I received a ham and cheese sandwich on the flight from Paris to Frankfurt and saw the creamy cheese with speckles, I knew it was time to find out.  Well, even though the cheese melted in my mouth and I still can’t figure out how that can possibly be a real lunch for someone, it was delish, and heck, I can pretty much move now.  This evening, the folks at the Chateau barbequed for us, and I AM STUFFED.  As soon as I stop typing, I’m gonna go to my room and get some DEEP sleep after that 5 course meal.  I ate Ciabatta bread with herb butter and this awesomeness Feta cheese that Eduardo the VERY talented cook added his flavor to.  I had grilled fish (can’t remember what kind), grilled sausage, some Portuguese potato stew, grilled zucchini (y’all know i love that!), grilled chicken, some sort of cold salad with lentils and corn in it, and some concoction that was half beer and half lemonade.  It was better than beer, but I can pass on that from here on out.  Think I’ll be sticking with good ole H20.   So I’m cool with the food.  I’m cool with my roommate.  I’m cool with the other folks so far.  So I’m cool as a fan right now.

Stay tuned for more.  Tomorrow we do two tours and a lecture or two, so I’m sure I’ll have something to say.

So bonne nuit, mes amis!

6 thoughts on “Je m’appelle Ranada!

  1. Ahh…to have such an adventurous daughter. I am truly blessed. à cœur vaillant rien d’impossible (For a brave heart nothing is impossible).

    amusez-vous bien, ma joie.


  2. Your travels sound wonderful Soror, and I am randomly following your food intake in detail lol–I love food!


  3. Ranada enjoy your experience. I will keep reading your blogs. Does coca-cola taste the same over there??? You have to write about the celebrities you see over there…Kelly Rowland…just kidding. Keep writing about your experiences because it is so exciting and fun to read. Be Safe and have fun:)


  4. Bonjour Madam Ranada
    I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying a trip of a lifetime. I bet the couture of Paris is unbelievable. Someday I hope to witness the Parisians working the runway along their blvds (ha-ha). Keep us posted. Au Revoir!


  5. Have you taken the water taxi? I keep thinking about Ratotuille…don’t know why. Let me know about the best dessert over there. 🙂


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