Merci beaucoup!

Merci beaucoup!

Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement!

To Ursula, un Coca is a little less strong here and the can is smaller too.  I’ve been getting Fanta Orange, which tastes different as well, but still yummy.  L’eau (water) costs money here, so I get sodas to make myself feel like I’m paying for something.  So God bless America, where the water is free.  lol

Today is my last full day in good ole Strasbourg.  Tomorrow we spend the entire day in Frankfurt, and Saturday morning, we’re off to Brussels.  I’ll be happy to say Au revoir to this place, where I’m stared at.  I will say I’m a little (un peu) excited about Paris though because one night last week when we were coming back to the Chateau from the city centre, a couple of Parisian cuties stopped to chat with us.  The group swears the one that spoke English was flirting with me, (including my hater ex who announced that my “body language completely changed… ugh) but I don’t think so.  Maybe I didn’t notice because he looked SO much like my late Uncle Lonzo so I was prolly staring at his features.  They were very nice though and gave us suggestions on a restaurant and a dance club to visit while we’re there.  If I can stay on the right side of the tracks in Paris, I think I will have an AMAZING time. 🙂

Bout to go back to lecture.  Today we’re discussing fiscal policy in the EU.  And we’re visiting the Court of Human Rights this afternoon.  🙂

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