Back to Black

Back to Black

Ok, so I disappeared.  I know, I know.  I used to be an avid blogger until I realized that my “friends” were relinquishing their friend duties and just attempting to keep up with me via my blog.  Then I realized people I discarded from my life were still in a semblance of the know because of my blog.  So I slapped a password on it and eventually stopped writing.  So I’m trying to start anew, keeping as many of my intimate thoughts within as possible.  But when I get to typing…

🙂  So much has happened since I got back from Europe.  And I know I still have stories to tell about that experience, so I plan to do flashbacks. 🙂  I just got back from a week-long trip to one of my fave cities in the States, D.C. I went for the coveted Centennial National Conference of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  If I ever thought I had seen a sea of pink and green before last week, I was sorely mistaken!  At regional conferences and my first Leadership Conference, I had only seen lakes.  We absolutely took over the District of Columbia last week.  At about 23,000 ladies, you couldn’t turn your head without seeing some shade of pink or green or more likely, a combination.  I am so happy to be a member of the first greek-lettered organization for black women.  Celebrating 100 years, I was able to see sisters from my past and present, and I was able to meet really sweet sisters that hopefully I will bump into again.  My only personal regret was not getting to meet my pen pal of 4 years!!  In the same city, and we still haven’t seen each other.  She lives in Delaware, and except for 2 emails, we’ve never corresponded outside of good ole-fashioned snail mail. 🙂

Of course, as conferences go and as groups of more than 2 go, there were points of contention.  But overall, I enjoyed myself, and I can’t wait to attend another national conference.

To maximize my time in D.C. and to maximize the worth of my airline costs, I also represented Atlanta as I attended Mississippi on the Potomac, an annual fundraiser hosted by the Washington Metro chapter of Tougaloo Alumni.  As I did last year, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, fellowshipping with other alumni and friends of my beloved alma mater and helping out where I could.  It also gave me a burst of enthusiasm for my own chapter.  The new fiscal year has begun, and I have my eyes on making this, my second term as president, a memorable and successful one.  We will put Atlanta on the map this year!!

Well, I have much work to do.  Between my new job, school (yes, I’m in a class solely because I was interested in learning, not because I need the class to graduate, never thinking about the fact that I was adding to my already loaded plate), AKA, Tougaloo, and my upcoming housewarming party for which I’ve not begun preparing, I’m swamped.  But I’m going to try to share my thoughts and opinions and stories more often. 🙂  Oh, and if anyone is giving away cutesie pie puppies, your girl is in need of a companion.  Until next time…

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