The Art of Saying No

The Art of Saying No

So… My name is Ranada, and I’m addicted to being busy.  The first step is admitting the problem, right?

Ok, ok, ok…  Busyness is not the real problem.  Why?  Honestly, I love my extacurricular activities.  The real problem is that I don’t always prioritize and say no to the bottom ones.  I just take it all on because I know at the end of the day, everything will work out.  So, I’ve been practicing saying no.  And I feel better (while a little guilty, but nonetheless better) already.

In 2009, (as I say every year lol) I will be working on a better me.  A less stressed me, who not only takes care of others, but of myself as well.  And of course my mom and mentor say that I will be of better service to other and have a higher demand when I’m at my best.  And I agree.  I just feel like I will be searching high and low for something to do.  But the reality is that I’ll still have plenty to do–just more time to do it.  No school, no new leadership roles.  That’s already a huge weight off as of Dec. 15 or so.  More personal activities.  More spending time with my Smokie.  More sleep (YES!).  More exercise…  More travel hopefully.  More time to sit on my deck and ponder the unknowns of the world.  More time to blog!!  Haha.  I’m looking forward to 2009.

Can Ranada create a better balance for her life?  YES I CAN! 😀

4 thoughts on “The Art of Saying No

  1. Like you I enjoy my extracurriculars and struggle to balance them. At one time I was asking God for an extra hour or two to watch the news, blog with neglecting others and date every now and again. The request was unrealistic, so I scaled things back a little. That’s working better. Good luck to you!


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