I’m no April Fool–I’m the court jester!

I’m no April Fool–I’m the court jester!

On Wednesday, I thought and thought and thought about how I could trick my mom for April Fool’s Day.  I get her really good every year.  Well, by lunch time, I had decided I’d give her the year off.  Instead, I changed my relationship status on Facebook and reveled in all the messages, wall posts, and texts I got asking for details.  Then, on my way to the Community Service Awards, an idea struck!

So I set my plan in action by BBM’ing my mom–but her phone’s internet wasn’t working!  Then, by a stroke of awesome timing, she texted me!  So I replied to her text and then said “btw I’m on my way to the hospital.”

Now, let me give you some background info–I’m clumsy.  Like very clumsy.  And it’s gotten much better since I’ve become an adult.  But I’m sure as my mother and watching me grow up tripping, skinning knees, tearing up clothes, accidents don’t surprise her.  AND just Sunday, Smokie and I had a run-in–he was jumping up as I was bending down and my lips (yes, with an s) collided with his head and I had a swollen top lip and a bruised bottom lip for like 2 or 3 days…

So, I followed up my text with “I sprained my ankle fooling around with Smokie.  These freak accidents are becoming kinda frequent…”  Then I set the plan in motion for real–“Maybe I should put him up for adoption.  I don’t want to, but this is becoming dangerous.”  Heehee.  So she texted back and said I need to be careful and asked “What about the dinner?”  I said I couldn’t go–so that probably really made her worry since she knew how excited I was about going.  Then she asked who I was with, and I used that as an opportunity for sympathy as well.  I said “I’m by myself as usual.”

So then I paused and called her.  Lucky me, I’ve been hoarse all week so I didn’t have to worry about trying to sound sad.  And my mom was a great victim this year.  She made up her own story about how my ankle came to be sprung.  She led the witness per se.  I just said “yeah, you know how he is when I let him out after being in the cage all day” when she asked if he was running around when I took him outside.  All the details she hypothesized, I confirmed.  She even gave me advice about how to keep him under control when I’m walking him.  So finally she asked me about my ankle itself, “Is it swollen?”  I answered, “Yeah, and it really hurts.”  Inset massive worry here (understand that my mom lives 400 miles away so she worries extra hard cuz she’s not here to be directly involved in solutions to my health).  So she asked, “You don’t think it’s broken, do you?”  I exclaimed, “I hope not!  I’ve never broken anything, and I can’t afford all that anyway!!”  So as she started feeling hopeless and trying to conjure up ideas, I said, “Mom, don’t have a heart attack!”  She said, “You know how I am.  I can’t believe your ankle is messed up–you and Smokie are going to have to do better.”  So I said, “Well, it’ll be ok.  You know why?”  She asked, “why?”  And I asked her, “What’s today?”  And she screamed, “Oh silly girl!!!!” and exhaled.  HAHAHA!!  I really had her going.  I love April Fools Day!

If you have any good stories, feel free to leave them in the comments!!

5 thoughts on “I’m no April Fool–I’m the court jester!

  1. You know that was too funny… and I am not sure why your mom didn’t think of it earlier…. hahaha… tell your mom I love her and her comedy…. i believe she knows she just not letting you know… hehehe..


  2. I am a worry wart by nature, so panic is second nature. Other than two little kids who told me a spider was on my shoulder, NOONE tried to trick me on April Fools Day. Already upset by the crashing of my phone, I never stopped to think this was a ruse. When she suggested the possibility of getting rid of her precious baby, I was hooked and ready to book a flight. Je suis si crédule!


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