Support the Atlanta Opera

Support the Atlanta Opera

Last night I attended an Atlanta Opera Young Professionals happy hour.  Good people, good drinks, and good info.  Prior to the happy hour, I had no working knowledge of the Atlanta Opera.   I knew it existed, but I knew nothing about its season offerings, how much tickets are, or anything like that.  I’m especially happy that I exposed last night–next season, they have Aida and Orfeo and Euridice on the calendar.  I definitely plan to have my face in the place for those.

People who know me know that I absolutely love the arts–theatre, music, art.  I enjoy getting lost in the storyline and the emotion.  I’m a member of the High Museum.  I sing when I’m not acting too shy, and I played the violin growing up.  I’ve attended various symphony performances in the city.  My friends and I go to performances at the Fox somewhat regularly.  So going to the opera is a natural next step.

So I couldn’t believe my ears when the hosts told us about the specials for Young Professionals!!  On YP night, tickets will be available for $27.  Slap me silly!  Of course, I never expected to be able to attend an opera for under 30 bucks!  This season is closing out, so there’s only one more YP night–May 1 for the Flying Dutchmen performance.  I will be in Myrtle Beach that weekend for a conference, but I will still try to catch the performance before I leave.

If you haven’t been to an opera, join me in supporting the Atlanta Opera by trying it out.  If you like the marriage of theatre and music, I’m pretty sure we’ll enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Support the Atlanta Opera

  1. I’ll take you to see Orfeo and Euridice, maman! It’s in November. Early bday present for me! The opera with my mommy!


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