I’ve not been posting as I should.  Just haven’t had the unction to do so!  Lord knows I have plenty to say.

Honestly, I’ve been having some inner conflicts lately.  The trials and tribulations of leadership, I guess.  I’ve been facing negativity at so many turns, and I was really contemplating saying screw it to everyone.  But thank goodness for positive people.  My friends have been reassuring, and one in particular gave me a pep talk the other day.  Then, last night, my pastor said during Bible class that when we give our strength to the world, it repays us by rending us.  But our joy is in the Lord, not them.  So I’m back to my old self.  I do what I do because I want to, not because of anyone’s opinion.

So!  My time at Starbucks is running out, but I suspect I’ll have some time on my hands later today.  So I’ll try to be back!

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