What we can learn?

What we can learn?


What Single Women Can Learn From Michelle By: Jenée Desmond-Harris

Would most Type A, professional women have dated Barack when he was a broke, big-eared organizer with a funny name?

I think some would.  And not because they have fortune telling abilities.  My commentary later…


Ok, finally.  I’m back to speak my piece on this article.  I’m not sure what single women are supposed to be learning from this particular article…  Let’s see here: Mr. Obama was handsome (geek or not, which I’m not sure I agree with, but either way you must admit he’s attractive), he was in law school at an Ivy League institution, the first black editor of the well-recognized Law Review at said Ivy League, and I’m sure he was charming because guys don’t grow charm over night.   Uh… yeah, I’d have dated him, intern or not.  What is she talking about?!?!  Whether or not he ever seemed like he would one day be president (especially when Mrs. Obama has stated that she wasn’t gung ho about the idea anyway so it’s not like she “took a chance” on him hoping that her dream of his potential would be realized).

Yes, we single ladies do sometimes have very stringent regulations; however, most of us all have those non-negotiables and those things that we can wane on if the right guy comes along with the non-negotiables.  As far as the author quasi-stalking some guy, let’s break that down in Dejoi standards.

a. Noone should ever think that I’m going to be running down some dude in a parking lot.  I don’t care how cute he may be — but that’s the old-fashioned southern belle in me.  Do your thing, but that’s YOUR thing.

b. He works for a nonprofit.  So what?

c. He drives a rattling, rimless Mazda.  Ok… I need more info.  I could care less about the lack of rims as long as he at least has some hubcaps on that mug.  Now as far as rattling?  Er… why were you chasing him down again?

d. The kid doesn’t do high waters.  Tailored or not.  A man needs to have on some pants that fit.

e. I like hair as long as it’s groomed.  I’m not finding at all attractive dreads that haven’t been “done.”  If a guy is going to have long hair, he needs to maintain it.

All that to say–he may have done it for her, and that’s cool.  But that doesn’t mean I’m doomed to singledom for life because he wouldn’t have done it for me.  And she’s not guaranteed a life of love because she looked over things she clearly isn’t necessarily okay with.  As far as Obama goes, I personally like guys who are vested in community activism and are passionate about what they do for at least 8 hours everyday.  I’d rather date a guy who works for an… OMG… nonprofit (wth) or who’s a teacher or whatever and LOVES it than a guy who’s a doctor or an investment banker and loathes going to work everyday.  But that’s just me.  There’s a fine line between reasonably relaxing requirements and throwing standards to the wind.  Women need to know what they want–those non-negotiables–and be open to the other possibilities.  It’s okay to know what you don’t want.  We just need to be cognizant of when we’re just looking to sabotage a possibly good thing because of our own insecurities.  And that’s another post for another day.

One thought on “What we can learn?

  1. I think that some women would’ve definitely dated him! He’s always been handsome and very educated and that’s always appealing. Speaking of the Obamas, you’re now the winner of the Michelle Style book that I posted on Brown Girl Gumbo a few weeks ago. The original winner who was randomly selected, never got back to me so I decided to choose you since you are always so supportive of BGG by leaving comments and feedback. It is greatly appreciated!!! 🙂 So if you can email me your mailing address that would be great!! Congrats!


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