Let those negative folks get off the bus.

Let those negative folks get off the bus.

The truth makes you go hmm, don’t it?!  Growing up, I was always a loner.  That weird girl who was pretty enough to have friends, but still a little too smart for some people’s tastes, even teachers occasionally.  I was daring, even though I didn’t know I was–I was just really certain of myself and my knowledge.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a little more mainstream–still misunderstood a great deal of the time, but I “fit in” alot more.  Well, sometimes the misunderstandings and the attacks on my character by people who either don’t know me, haven’t taken the time to know me, or who are just haters in general get into my psyche and leads to a decrease in daring.  I go into hands off mode, even though I know something is wrong.  I keep my mouth closed, even though being passive is not generally who I am.  Sometimes that gets me down, but sometimes, I realize that it’s just as daring to let unimportant people talk to themselves, to save my breath and my words for someone who can have a productive conversation or even debate, if needed.  I will never think I’m always right–but I am confident that I’m someone everyone should want on their brainstorming, strategic planning team.  And that fact doesn’t depend on anyone, not even those who disregard my value.

To achieve greatness, you just need to let those naysayers or know-it-alls who don’t know a damn thing get off the bus so that you can keep it moving.

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