Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Well, it’s Black History Month and I’ve not shared ANY black history facts.  So… here are a couple.

Seventy years ago, Smokey Robinson (yes, my pup Smokie is named after this legend) was born in Detroit, Michigan. William “Smokey” Robinson is a world class singer and songwriter.  Smokey is one reason I (and many many others) have a profound love for music.  I have fond memories of singing and dancing with my daddy to Smokey (and the Miracles) records.  Here are a couple of my faves.

Look how smooth Smokey was.  Hubba hubba!  This next one’s the full length video.  This is a classic.  The song actually starts around the 3 min mark.

Also, on this day in 1992, John Singleton became the first black director to be nominated for an Academy Award and the youngest director to be nominated for Best Director.  He was nominated for Best Director and for Best Original Screenplay for Boyz N the Hood.  Many of us consider this movie a classic, and here’s the trailer.

Hope you enjoyed those!  I’ll try to remember to do a couple more before the month is over!  Happy Friday!

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