Memory Lane Monday: Time to Talk

Memory Lane Monday: Time to Talk

On Mondays, I will try to find an old post (I used to blog before it was the popular thing to do and I have tons of old posts) that is relevant now.  Today’s post is from Sept 14, 2006, and I called it “Time to Talk”–please leave in the comments any new thoughts. 😀

my very best friend throughout high school sent me a text message today and it’s opened all kinds of cold case files. pleasant so far but i’m sure some negative ones are coming but i will say so far it’s been a really warm feeling. Here’s the text:

Finish this sentence: I have always wanted to tell you that… Text me the answer and send this to everyone to see what they have to say??

So far I’ve gotten these:

u inspire me to work harder on maintaining my friendships

u r one of the best friends I have ever had!!!

I miss kicking it w/you like we used to

i love u!

I love u so much

you are the prototype 🙂

you’re beautiful!

ur very intelligent abd i love that about u!

even though we don’t talk often you will always be “special” to me (from my spec :-D)

u r a great black eyed pea cooker. for real Ur a good person

Talk about a self-esteem booster!!! I have such wonderful people in my life, and I’m so glad Kenya sent me that txt cuz it’s just an opportunity to tell people something u wouldn’t normally think to tell them. those weren’t the only ones–i was also able to talk to a couple of people about stuff that’s happened in the past. i sent this to half the folks in my phone, so i’m sure i’ll be getting messages all day so i may come back and add some more later. 🙂 Send this to your friends, and see what happens! And to all my friends, I LOVE YOU!

So… four years later, let’s finish this sentence: “I have always wanted to tell you that…” But this time, leave your answers in the comments!