Memory Lane Monday: Time to Talk

Memory Lane Monday: Time to Talk

On Mondays, I will try to find an old post (I used to blog before it was the popular thing to do and I have tons of old posts) that is relevant now.  Today’s post is from Sept 14, 2006, and I called it “Time to Talk”–please leave in the comments any new thoughts. 😀

my very best friend throughout high school sent me a text message today and it’s opened all kinds of cold case files. pleasant so far but i’m sure some negative ones are coming but i will say so far it’s been a really warm feeling. Here’s the text:

Finish this sentence: I have always wanted to tell you that… Text me the answer and send this to everyone to see what they have to say??

So far I’ve gotten these:

u inspire me to work harder on maintaining my friendships

u r one of the best friends I have ever had!!!

I miss kicking it w/you like we used to

i love u!

I love u so much

you are the prototype 🙂

you’re beautiful!

ur very intelligent abd i love that about u!

even though we don’t talk often you will always be “special” to me (from my spec :-D)

u r a great black eyed pea cooker. for real Ur a good person

Talk about a self-esteem booster!!! I have such wonderful people in my life, and I’m so glad Kenya sent me that txt cuz it’s just an opportunity to tell people something u wouldn’t normally think to tell them. those weren’t the only ones–i was also able to talk to a couple of people about stuff that’s happened in the past. i sent this to half the folks in my phone, so i’m sure i’ll be getting messages all day so i may come back and add some more later. 🙂 Send this to your friends, and see what happens! And to all my friends, I LOVE YOU!

So… four years later, let’s finish this sentence: “I have always wanted to tell you that…” But this time, leave your answers in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Memory Lane Monday: Time to Talk

  1. I have always wanted to tell you that…
    I didn’t start those intense conversations we use to have just b/c I wanted to see if I could get you heated. It was mostly b/c you helped keep me sharp and honest.


    1. I always wanted to tell you that…
      I truly appreciate the friendship that we have built. It has encouraged and inspired me in so many ways!
      I want you to keep challenging yourself to get ALL that you deserve because you are worth it!


  2. Thanks for teaching me the in’s and out’s and out’s and in’s about life insurance. I think I was the only 23 year who could cover their burial expenses in the unlikely event… SMILE!


  3. I always wanted to tell you that…
    Big sisters are one in a billion, and I’m lucky enough to have about 20! It’s so great to have someone that loves and supports me and everything I do! I love you more than the world big sis! 🙂


  4. I’ve always wanted to tell you that…
    You inspire me to be the best me I can be simply because you are the best you, you can be!


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