Say It Ain’t So – Quality Film to Come?

Say It Ain’t So – Quality Film to Come?

I will admit, I had really (and by really, I mean extremely, intensely, immensely, extraordinarily) low expectations of Tyler Perry’s upcoming film translation of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, which hits the big screen in November. It just seemed too paradoxical.  While I regret that I haven’t yet read the book by Ntozake Shange (though it is on my shelfari list), I have seen the play, and I wasn’t moved.  Not because of the content, but because of the delivery.  My attention just wasn’t captured, and I found myself dozing off, which I usually wouldn’t freely admit.  I always wondered “am I just not deep enough?”

Now, place that with the other end of the spectrum.  Most know I’m not a Tyler Perry fan.  I find his productions pretty shallow and redundant.  While I admire his tenacity and success, I’m just not an avid fan.  So when I heard Tyler Perry was going to be the leader of this film adaptation, I thought this was simple math.  Too deep + not deep = #uberfail.

But then the trailer hit Twitter yesterday morning, and I’m pretty intrigued.  I hope the trailer isn’t just a ruse because it definitely changed my status of not-planning-to-see-it-ever to maybe-I’ll-go-see-it-opening-weekend.  I’m really excited about seeing Whoopi Goldberg and Phylicia Rashad on the same screen.  From the flickers of various scenes in the trailer, it looks like the film may actually be something relatable, engaging, and impelling.

It seems that just maybe too deep + not deep = just deep enough.  Do  you plan to go see this film?

5 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So – Quality Film to Come?

  1. wow! that looks amazing! I hope it’s not a disappointment! *crossing fingers* Now I want to see the play. Let me know if it comes your way!

    Also, *snicker* at the low expectations for Tyler Perry.


  2. Let it be known that I am a fan of his “success” but I hate his so-called work. He has a remarkable cast of astounding women in this production, but I also feel he hasn’t always portrayed black women in the best light in some of his movies, so there are some concerns in that arena. I always support this man, even though I criticize him, hoping that he will get it right one time, but everytime I leave the theater mumbling to myself, “I could’ve been at home picking my toenails for this mess!” So I will not be wasting my money on his productions anymore. I’m boycotting Tyler Perry.


    1. I totally feel you. I usually don’t go to his movies unless I’m bribed by my friends (and it’s free for me), but I’m going to go see this one. Last chance, lol.


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