Feature Friday: Harry Potter :)

Feature Friday: Harry Potter :)

Ok, ok, ok, stop shaking your heads, ok?  Please, just for a second.  Yes, I know you may have been expecting something a little deeper than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but this is what made my eyes sparkle today, despite my effort to feature something a little more learned.  But I’m a well-rounded person, yanno?  *grinning*

I got the link on Twitter yesterday, but I didn’t watch it till today.  What a birthday present this will be indeed. 🙂  Also, the first installment of this movie will get me a little bit closer to reading the last book of the series. (I try to watch the movie before I read the book, if I haven’t already read the book before I know it is being adapted to the movie–it’s just way better in that order. I can explain later.)

I’m including both trailers that have been released so far.  Aren’t you excited too?

3 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Harry Potter :)

  1. More than excited! I can’t wait! Harry! Harry! Harry! Did you read the books? I won’t spoil it for your readers that haven’t, but I still have some questions about the final ending.


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