Have you voted?

Have you voted?

If you haven’t voted already, what are you waiting for? Here are links to some previous posts about voting.

Are you ready for the midterm elections?

GA Primary: Election Results

Are you ready for the primary?

Here are some other useful links.

MoveOn.org Election 2010 Voting Info

CNN Election Center

Washington Post Vote Tracker

Usually I’m a little impatient when it comes to standing in lines, but this morning, I was very happy and gleeful to stand in line to vote. It was really encouraging. I hope the expected turnout is surpassed greatly. Some ask why I didn’t early vote–there’s just something about voting on Election Day that makes me feel empowered. I only early vote when I know I can’t fit it in on the actual day, but I totally support making voting more accessible.  I just like being in the thick (or thin, in which case I frown) of things.

I’m also very very ecstatic to see that people have been following my suggested links to the Secretary of State website, the layman’s version of the proposed amendments, and info about candidates.  🙂

Anywho, if you’ve voted, ^5!!! If you haven’t, you have till 7 pm. Get it done!!

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