Feature Friday: Harry Potter

Feature Friday: Harry Potter

As tradition goes, last night, my friend Vonetta and I saw the midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie.  Man, let me tell you.  I was emotionally spent when the credits rolled after the movie.  I giggled, I laughed, I startled, I bobbed and weaved, I got misty, and I cried (and I only took a slight nap toward the start of the movie lol).

I won’t give away any spoilers for you people out there like me who read the books after the movie (yes, I’m DYING to read book #7, but I have to wait till next summer) aand for those of you who have never read the books (and I highly recommend that you do–well-written stories and much better than the movies, which says alot because the movies are GREAT).  But I will say that I love love love the relationships that have evolved over the course of this story.  I love that Harry is very much a realistic character–someone with a gift that doesn’t want to share the burden with anyone else while carrying the world on his back.  I love that he has true friends in Hermione and Ron (and Dobby and Hagrid and Luna (who I heart) and the rest of the good guy team).  I love that their relationship isn’t perfect but they find ways to overcome their issues with each other and are still there for each other.  I love that Draco Malfoy, who I’ve heavily disliked from the beginning, is still a realistic character, really struggling with his lot in life.  I love that the villains are so well-developed that I really do despise them–Bellatrix and Snape (who Vonetta dropped a spoiler about on me last night, but I’ll give her a pass since it was 2:30 in the morning) and Dolores Umbridge.  And I’m very patiently waiting to see the final battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort, and I can’t wait to see how the wand storyline unfolds.

Before I sign off, I’d like to note that I saw for the first time in my Harry Potter movie going days someone dressed as Hagrid.  Shout out to that guy!!  Also, shout out to the guy who did a Tech fight chant as we awaited the previews.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you will not be disappointed with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  What a great way to kick off my birthday weekend!  Happy Friday, folks!

2 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Harry Potter

  1. I am trying to wait til Monday to see it with some friends that read the book but…..

    I should have played Book 7 on the way to NO :-p


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