From Back and Forth to Rock the Boat, I. loved. me. some. Aaliyah.

From her “swoop” of hair that covered her eye (I wore many of the styles she wore in videos, lol) to her beautiful brown skin to her never overdone and very natural makeup to her “tomboy” yet sexy image to her smooth voice over funky beats with awesome dance moves, Aaliyah really was one in a million. I emulated her style from time to time, inserted “Nada” anytime her lyrics were “Liyah”, and even found a little confidence in the fact that I would never have big boobies because she didn’t need them.

When I heard she passed ten years ago yesterday, I actually acted like my bestie had passed. I cried my eyes out, the first time I had ever even cared about a celebrity that I had never met. I remember thinking while I was crying, what the hell? LOL, but I really was sad she was gone. I loved all 3 albums (can you believe there were only 3??), every video, and I was looking forward to seeing the upcoming movie. I mean, I was a senior in college when she was tragically killed in the airplane crash, and I has been a major fan since I was 8th grade!

So anyway, check out BET’s music special if you missed it last night. There are lots of goodies on the website as well.

And here are a couple of my faves (although I could post pretty much a song a day until I run out because I loved almost everything she put out. 🙂 )


Today is also my grandma Neva‘s birthday! Rest in peace!

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