Topsy Turvy of Scandal

Topsy Turvy of Scandal

Every Thursday night at 10 PM, I’m glued to my TV and to FB watching Scandal and the commentary of my FB friends who are just as addicted to the show. The show, quick-paced and captivating, makes me question the morals of my FB friends (and every now and then myself) every single week though. How good is Shonda Rhimes that she can get the masses to root for what we’d (hopefully) consider wrong in real life?? Here are some examples.

1. The most obvious example of topsy turvy is the romantic relationship between President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant and the main character of the show, Olivia Pope. Their affair has been the object of envy for many, with people talking about the potential for unconditional love if only they could be together. Ummm in real life, I don’t think anyone would see it that way. I mean, c’mon. As far as I’ve seen, his marriage was just fine before Olivia came on the scene. I know things happen <remember the “Love Makes Things Happen” video?>, but in my brain and heart, I hope that if I ever get married that my husband and I will be able to always choose each other and believe that when we joined each other under God that it was the right decision, no matter who we may meet in the future. So it always makes me pause that Mellie is depicted as such a b!tch (don’t get me a wrong–she’s a beast when it comes to the political arena… BUT that’s prolly why he fell for her and married her in the first place!) and like she’s wrong for wanting her marriage to work, when she’s the victim. Just the allure of Scandal, I guess.


2. Now, I’m guilty of the topsy turvy in this next example. Last week, when James kept digging after hearing that David Rosen’s conspiracy theory might not be so crazy after all and found the memory card in the voting machine in the high school, I was MAD at him!!! I was thinking ‘WHY won’t you leave well enough alone???” LOL–how nuts is that?? Now, y’all know if I found out something like that happened in real life if I had the evidence or a lead for the evidence to prove it happens in real life, I probably wouldn’t just leave well enough alone. Unless of course I was scared for my life (like I am for James’ life). He’s not the bad guy!! The folks who rigged the election are, but yet again, it’s the allure of that doggone Scandal.

3. Each week, I cringe every time Quinn finds out a little bit more about what happened to her that fateful night when she gained a new identity. Now y’all know good and doggone well that if you woke up one day on the other side of the country from where you were last time you were conscious with new documents on the nightstand, you would want to know what the HELL happened to you. And you probably wouldn’t let it go. But every week, I say to the TV, “Ma’am, you got off! Quit snooping!!! Sit down somewhere!! Just go with it!” LOL, how crazy is that?? One word: Scandal.


4. How many people think snipers are cool and perfect friends? Well, before Scandal I wouldn’t have raised my hand. I mean, sheesh, snipers/hit men/spies are kinda untrustworthy, a teensy wee bit crazy, right? Well, every week, including last night as he was packing up his equipment after possibly shooting the president (we’ll see what actually happened next week!), I think to myself ‘Self, where can I get me a Huck??’ Someone so dedicated to protecting me, even if he’s willing to burn someone’s skin off his bones to teach them a lesson. Now y’all know that ain’t right. But it’s that addictive Scandal!!


Those are just four examples. There are plenty to go around. What are your topsy turvy moments in Scandal–what do you know you would not support (hopefully) in real life but you find yourself amazingly rooting for it during that hour that seems like 20 minutes? Where are my Scandal fans??

One thought on “Topsy Turvy of Scandal

  1. We are right here! I think this blog post is indicative of just how good the show is… Nothing is black and white… People do scandalous things on the show but somehow we are able to detach them from that…


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