Something to Get Off My Unhairy Chest

Something to Get Off My Unhairy Chest

So I know I’ve been ghost (being a single mother is consuming!) and I know I usually try to only publish positive posts, but I’ve got to share this:

What Is the Definition of Manhood?
What Is the Definition of Manhood?

I already think about this regularly since every now and then, I hear comments or see slick pictures about single mothers being their own reason for their plight. Let’s be clear. Yes, I made a mistake: thinking that the guy I cared for would care for me. But it’s not a woman’s fault if he makes a conscious decision to be a suck ass father, especially if she’s tried to bridge the co-parenting gap. People can say or think what they want about me being a single mom, but I’m slowly but surely learning that the only person I can control is Ranada. And my job is to make sure my son knows he is loved, secure, and taken care of. I sacrifice daily and nightly for him, and if people can’t understand that raising a child alone is not a cup of tea, so the freak what? The only people that matter are the people who care about and love me and my little family and support me, not try to tear me down. Ok, now moving on.  In the words of Beyonce, any questions?

This really hit home this week because the asswipe across the street has threatened me twice in a week. A grown ass “man” who doesn’t even know me bringing his ass outside to scream and curse at a single woman with a 20 lb dog. Am I supposed to respect this person who  is beating on his chest in front of someone who clearly couldn’t take him physically if I had to? But no worries, I’ve reported him to my HOA and I plan on filing a police report later today. It makes no sense that I can’t walk my damn dog without worrying if this lunatic is going to come outside acting crazy. After the first threat, I really was just pissed off. But after the second, I’m kind of alarmed because of stories like this. People are crazy!!!!! And with this guy, I feel like if you really think it’s okay to harass a single woman just because you think she doesn’t have anyone to back her up, YOU SUCK. And you’re not a man. You’re a punk ass bully.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, back to the regularly scheduled positive program. If you’re missing me, please like my Facebook page or follow my Twitter page–I post on there often. Just remember, the black community will NEVER be strong if men don’t cherish and respect women and vice versa. Women weren’t put here to be doormats–we were put here to complement our men and help build our communities up. So if all else fails, use the golden rule. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Happy Thursday!

BTW – the Hindu question in the picture means “Do you have any idea whose son I am?” (disclaimer: according to the internet!)

3 thoughts on “Something to Get Off My Unhairy Chest

  1. Oh Ranada, please hun…please please please, don’t let those insignificant, having to relevance or bearing on your life people get to you about being a SINGLE, FABULOUS, and LOVING parent to your son. They don’r pay your bills, pray for you or with you, is not there when you were at your worst or at your best, so they are a nonM****factor in your life. I have come to the realization that sometimes people seek to put their nose in other ppl business as they have none of their own, or theirs is so bad they try to take other people with them. My mom is a single parent too, and made the mistake of believing that the person she was in love with was in love with her. But guess what, everything happens for a reason, as she raised me the best she could and other ppl stepped up to take on a responsiblity (as a father) to help raise me though they weren’t my biological father…i turned out just fine. And still doing a great job of achieving all i want to and fulfilling my purpose. With all that said, i know sometimes it will hurt when ppl have so much to say, but you know that you are doing the best you can for that oh so handsome son of yours, and you and him will be fine…trust they will find someone else to talk about, as that’s their job, and afterall…look at you and your little family…you are the headlines, and they are the bandwagooners who wants to get a glimpse into your life….

    P.S…Can i have Fredrick…please, he is so adorable….i want one of him so bad…lol

    Take care of yourself hun…


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