Much Ado about Everything

Much Ado about Everything

You would think the busier my life is, the more I’d have to blog about. And that probably is technically true, but most of the time I don’t think anything is blogworthy. Until I click on another blog and see a full post with lots of comments on something I did last week. Sigh.

But here’s a mini update:

1. Frederick is a bonafide walker. I’ve been baby proofing my house because he is a Busy Body.

2. I am halfway done planting my garden. This would be a horrible thing to say if the weather were normal, but since I still have had some chilliness, I have a little time. I need to finish up before May hits.

3. I have started back tutoring. So far, I haven’t started back with the private one-on-one tutoring, but I have started on a pilot program at a local high school for Algebra students who need help with some pre-Algebra concepts. I’m hoping that program is extended in the fall.

4. My hair, my hair, my hair. It’s long and always tangled. More often than not, I have it up in a bun because it’s just too much. I’m definitely oiling it way more than I used to because having dry, brittle hair is not the business. I think I’m going to get it pressed next month for a special event. If so, that will give me a couple weeks of not having to fight with the tangles! But ohhhhhh how nervous I am that I’m still tenderheaded like I was when I got it straightened in November. That was ROUGH. I’d never been tenderheaded in my life, so I’m hoping my scalp is less sensitive next time!

5. I set a few goals at the start of the month, and I’ve been making some progress on them. One action item for one of my goals was to read I Declare by Joel Osteen daily, and so far I have stuck to that. I needed to infuse some positivity at the start of my days, and it’s been great.

Five is a good number, don’t you think? Just wanted to peek in and say hi really. One of my goals is to blog more often, but it’s not at the top of the list. 🙂 But maybe I’ll write a few longer posts about some of the stuff above. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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