Who am I?  Hmmm… Well, that’s something I ask somewhat frequently.  But here’s a list of some of the roles I’ve come up with:

  • a mother
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a granddaughter
  • a niece
  • an aunt
  • a Mississippi magnolia
  • a Christian
  • a young professional
  • an educated black girl
  • a lover of learning
  • an avid book reader
  • a friend
  • a mentor
  • a math tutor
  • a volunteer
  • an advocate
  • a community activist
  • a sorority girl
  • a writer (when I feel like it)
  • a ponderer
  • a question-asker
  • a status quo-challenger
  • a leader
  • a traveler
  • a big wad of paradoxes
  • a memoir actively being written

I enjoy writing in my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I purchased the video “feasts of All Saints” quite awhile ago. When i tell people about it even those who are considered informed, they have never heard of it nor do they know the history of “placage” or the octoroons and quadroons. Last evening I had 5 ladies over to view the movie. They absolutely loved it and had so many questions as they had no knowledge of the “gens de coleur”. Every African American needs to know this part of our history.


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