I heart smart people and independent thinkers!

I heart smart people and independent thinkers!

I know I’m supposed to start telling my crazy stories, but I have to gush about this morning’s guest lecturer.  His name is Troy Davis, and he has created a Democracy Theory, which translates democracy from an absolute ideal to a set of principles.  He uses mathematical principles to create a theory which in his opinion leads to world peace.  It was the fusion of my areas of study: math, risk management and policy studies.  His lecture was absolutely amazing to me.  While there are several questions that I have about how effective or even possible policy creation and implementation will be and how it affects the black community at large, but my mind is imagining the possibilities.  I think my ideas of independence and self-sufficiency can co-exist within his framework.  I’m so excited in my gut right now that I would love to just move here and sit at his feet and learn.  Just learning about how he even positioned himself to be so “different” and be comfortable in knowing his thought process would not be easily accepted would be an intriguing lesson.  I’ve already sent him an email and we just let out of his lecture maybe an hour ago.  I hope my sidebar conversation was effective enough for him to remember me.  Oh, and thanks goes out to my mommy for naming me Ranada b/c I know he remembered me if for no other reason but his wonder in how I got my name.  I’m sure it’s very odd from a European’s perspective for a black girl from the South to be named something Latin and then respelled.  So I hope having to answer that question solidified my earlier conversation…  We’ll see.  I’m starving, so I’ll be back with stories later.  I don’t know how much later though since we’re visiting the Council of Europe today.  A bientot!

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