Everywhere they hustlin’

Everywhere they hustlin’

Everywhere I’ve been, my people be hustlin!!!  I love my people, for real.  At the Tour Eiffel, you will find several people, mostly hued people, selling 1 euro Eiffel Tower keychains and other souvenirs, and in Strasbourg, I saw people of color in the plaza selling umbrellas you put on your head.  AND today in the plaza of the Louvre, a guy was “fishing” coins out of the wish pool with a magnet.  Please understand that I am not at all hating.  The only people who got on my nerves were the ones who were preying on English-speaking people by begging with a postcard with words in English.  Man, get you a hustle!  They are BALLING selling those keychains!

Today was an awesome day.  Started off very very very very slow (I hate being inside late), but we ended up going to le cathedral Notre Dame, which was even extra cool because we got there when mass started.  And a black priest was leading the service.  I prayed, prayed, and prayed in there.  Then we went to the Musee Louvre and got info on when to come back.  We plan on going tomorrow evening when it’s tres cheap. 🙂  Then we went and saw l’Arc de Triumphe.  There’s SO much to see here.  Never a boring moment.  I love it here.  Truly.  I can’t believe I’ll be home in 3 days!  Well, I’m very drowsy and I still need to get directions for our plans tomorrow.  So…  A bientot!

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