Reads and Reels

In 2008, I started a discussion group with a few friends, and it consisted of watching a movie and reading a book monthly pertaining to a topic related to the uplift of the black community.  Since then, the group has grown into discussing not only books and films, but also attending exhibits and events.  From our dialogue, I hope solutions are generated.  Our first widescale volunteer project was Halloween weekend 2010 in New Orleans, and we had a group of 15 volunteers from Atlanta, Georgia; Jackson, Vicksburg, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and even Chicago, Illinois! The trip was amazing, and I hope you will join us on our next trip.

Below is a running list of the movies and books we’ve discussed as well as outings and Reads and Reels events.  A suggested reading list if you have time to continue delving into the topics we cover is coming soon.


Coming in 2011:


Coming in 2011:



We want to hear from you!

What books/movies/events that pertain to impacting our community should we consider?

7 thoughts on “Reads and Reels

  1. It was a really nice idea, since sometimes we feel that we don’t have time to read a book or even to go for watching a movie 😦
    But if we do as you are saying it will work out.
    Thanks for you new idea.




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