Feature Friday: 10-10-10

Feature Friday: 10-10-10

I had several things in mind to feature today, but this special day was on my heart, so here goes. 馃檪

I want to explain why 10-10-10 is an important day to me. 聽Y’all may think I’m crazy, but you wouldn’t be the first, lol.

If you didn’t know by now, I love numbers. 聽I love what they represent, I love what you can do with them, I love that they are simple yet so complex. 聽So what does 10 mean? 聽Biblically, it means divine perfection or completion. 聽But just numerically, it marks the end of a cycle–our decades and centuries are built on the number 10. 聽While it’s the end, it’s also the beginning–the first 2-digit number.

So enough of the math geek stuff, lol. 聽Let’s talk some Bible highlights. Of course you know there are ten commandments and that tithes are 10%. 聽But did you know:

  • There are ten clauses in the Lord’s Prayer,
  • Abraham endured ten trials to prove his faith,
  • Israel was represented by ten virgins,
  • There are ten I AM’s in the Book of John,
  • There are ten parables about the Kingdom,
  • There were ten righteous people found in Sodom and Gomorrah,
  • There were ten plagues,
  • Fire came down from heaven ten times, and
  • It is after the tenth recorded Passover that Jesus is crucified, the perfect sacrifice to save us.

And that’s not even almost the extent of “ten” in the Bible. 聽And I won’t even get into the fact that there are 3 10‘s involved. 聽Three represents divine perfection as well. 聽But I’m dedicating this one to 10. 馃檪

After I realized I would not be getting married in a storybook tale right after graduate school (I never wanted to get married right after undergrad), I started hoping that I would get married on 10-10-10. 聽Such a symbolic way to start a union, yanno. 聽Clearly, that’s not happening Sunday, lol (oh yeah, and I don’t think it a coincidence that 10-10-10 landed on the Sabbath).

But y’all know me, I do plan to make myself feel special on the day. 聽It’ll be a great time to start a new topic of personal study, and I will start back on my hot yoga regimen, which I’ve been neglecting lately. 聽I also will go see this production, which will likely be a Feature one of these ole days.

But most of all, even though I may not be becoming one with anyone right now, that’s ok because I am celebrating the fact that I am living happily ever after anyway. 聽I’m about to embark on the first volunteer trip I’ve ever organized myself, and there are so many other things I have my hands in. 聽I can make myself feel special–and sometimes I forget that. 聽I want to take the day to remind myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)–I’m perfectly imperfect, and everything will work together for good as long as I’m walking my purpose. Because that’s how God designed it. 聽Just like He designed the number system and its involvement in all the symbolism and nature patterns and so much other stuff we don’t even always notice.

What, if anything, are you doing Sunday? 聽馃檪 聽Happy Friday, lovelies!

What is love?

What is love?

So last night I posted a Miki Howard video just because that’s what I was listening to, but overnight it grew into a full-fledged blog post. 聽Saturday, I saw this and it struck something inside me.

Of course, it wasn’t new to me. 聽But reading it at that moment just sparked something that I guess finally came to a head when I listened to Miki crooning last night.

I’m definitely not a relationship expert, but I have learned some things over my few lil years in this world. 聽Love, of all types, is one of those topics that covers so much that it’s hard to talk about. 聽I mean, really… what is love?

My fave thing to say about love, though, is that it’s not just a noun–it’s a verb. 聽To have love for people is to show love for people. 聽If it’s love for the community, you 聽need to be doing something for the community. 聽If it’s love for your family, you need to be contributing something to their health and well-being. (And currently, I’m thinking of my mother and her love for my grandfather, which is a whole other post about the highs and lows of caring for the elderly.) 聽If it’s a romantic love, it’s not enough to be woo-woo’ing in someone’s ear about how much you heart them–those are sweet little nothings until some actions are aligned.

One thing I’ve had to learn is that I have to be choosy (had to do that one for Aaliyah, R.I.P.) about who I dedicate my energy, my time, my patience, my love to. 聽All that is so simply yet eloquently written in 1 Corinthians goes both ways. 聽My love needs to be all those things, but I also have to remember that I deserve all those things. 聽And if I’m not receiving that, I should love myself more and walk away. 聽I mean really, we spend so much of our lives pouring ourselves into other people, not always taking the time to really evaluate if we’re giving out the right type of love to right people. And then we wonder why we’re so drained and bitter. 聽What we’re pouring out, we should be getting back some kinda way. Love isn’t a finite thing with a usage limit. There’s plenty to go around and it multiplies when it’s shared. You don’t have to be a martyr for love.聽Give some, and make sure you’re getting some.

So when someone comes around, whether a new friend or a new romantic interest, and is really positive and invested and caring, you have to be appreciative to the One above for placing that source of energy into your life. You can be thankful for the chance to give some of that patient, unselfish, hopeful love AND for the chance to recognize and receive it. 聽So, sang it, Miki.

Experience is a good teacher
It takes someone like me to know
All the little games people tend to play
Some call it love:聽It never has a chance to grow

The closed sign on my door,聽I had to tear it down
A new world of happiness turned me completely around

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Last night a friend of mine posed the question:

What happens after happily ever after?

I replied that there is no after after the after. Got that?
“Happily ever after” is the rest of time. After the story ends, no matter what else happens during “happily ever after,” the main characters will be okay. 聽They will overcome obstacles, and life will continue to be worth living.

So why have I been searching for “happily ever after”? 聽I’m already in it! My life is definitely worth living, and I already know through the blood of Christ, that I’ve already overcome all of my obstacles. 聽Every minute of every day won’t be “happy,” but I know that through my pain, I find greater appreciation for joy. 聽Because of all the goodness in my life, I can find joy in my life despite hardships and disappointments.

You have to find “ever after” with the Most High. 聽It really is all about perspective. 聽What do we choose to focus on? 聽Would you rather worry or meditate? 聽Both require focus–the only difference is the object of that focus. 聽For instance, I have had some romantic failures. 聽I am lonely. 聽Long term companionship seems to evade me. 聽BUT should I focus on that? Or should I focus on my family, my friends, all my wonderful accomplishments and triumphs, all the projects I have going, all the dreams that I know will one day come to fruition… 聽Umm, my life is kinda awesome. 聽No really… It is.

As a dear friend told me during a crying spell, if the only thing wrong is my loneliness and I have everything else pretty much going well, why am I spending my energy on the loneliness? 聽As I continue to move forward in life, I have to trust that “one day my prince will come” (and stay). 聽And positivity comes from focusing on all the great stuff. 聽It’s like the serenity prayer says:

Romance is not the only piece to that “happily ever after” thing. 聽But having a relationship with Christ is.

It’ll take a whole other post to discuss it, but once we as human beings submit to Christ and reflect his light, we are then able to submit to one another. 聽I look forward to the day I will reflect the light of some great man who will cherish and adore me. 聽But until then, I’ll be patient. I am okay with rolling solo, being who I was made to be.

Erykah Badu, as y’all know, is one of my favorite artists. 聽And she captured what’s in my heart very well in this song. 聽Enjoy.

I’m an orange moon, reflecting the light of the Son (sun)…

I’m an orange moon, and I shine so bright cuz聽I reflect the light of my Sun
I praise the day He turned my way and smiled at me
He gets to smile and I get to be orange

Life Lessons on MARTA

Life Lessons on MARTA

So, at lunch, I decided to take a trek on MARTA to support a friend (Black Tie BBQ – check them out for delish food!!), and as fate would have it, I’d have a lightbulb moment randomly. 聽Which makes sense. 聽I live by randomness, it seems.

Anywho, on to the lesson. 聽Currently, I’m reading Blackgammon, which is the story of two black American women who are searching for love (or maybe running from it) and freedom in Europe. The book has been right on time, so naturally, I was really into it when it was time for me to change trains at Five Points. 聽As I stood on the platform waiting for a westbound train, enthralled by my book, I heard the whir of a train pass me. 聽I looked up and saw the lights of the train leaving me. 聽Oh no! I thought… 聽I have to wait 6 whole minutes for the next train. 聽Sheesh! 聽Me and this dangblasted book. 聽How in the world did I completely not hear the train when it arrived? 聽(Another reason is because it was a short train–the Bankhead train, which is about half the size of a normal MARTA train and I was too far down on the platform.)

So I moved closer to the center of the platform and took a seat and began reading again, careful to glance up every minute or so at the sign announcing the wait time for the next train. 聽The next train came. Something felt very wrong about it as I stood there missing another train. 聽Then it dawned on me! 聽I wasn’t supposed to catch that train–it’s going in the wrong direction! 聽I was supposed to be waiting on the eastbound train!! 聽Too hot (and lazy) to run, I took my time and went around the station to get to the eastbound platform. 聽And sure enough, when I got to the platform, a train came. 聽Right on time.


In life, sometimes things seem to be going right and then suddenly, something happens to derail all of it and you’re left wondering “How in the world did that happen?” 聽Or sometimes although things are great, you come to a unexpected juncture, and you think you’re going the right way, but then you realize that way has a barbed wire fence blocking it. 聽Maybe, just maybe, it’s there for a reason. Maybe that missed out opportunity wasn’t what you were supposed to be doing anyway. 聽Maybe it would have taken you in the wrong direction, on to the wrong path. 聽Maybe once you realize that and go to where you need to be, what you need will be there, waiting on you–always right on time.

Disappointments come. 聽They’re a part of life. 聽But the perspective surrounding those disappointments can be positive if you remember that everything happens for a reason and the way they’re supposed to. 聽You just need to be aware and open for some clarity and enlightenment.

There’s a reason for everything that comes and goes…

The Intermittent Rigamarole of My Life

The Intermittent Rigamarole of My Life

Yes, rigamarole is a real word.

From dictionary.com:

rig路a路ma路role (r沫g’蓹-m蓹-r艒l’)聽

rig路ma路role (r沫g’m蓹-r艒l’)聽

  1. Confused,聽rambling,聽or聽incoherent聽discourse;聽nonsense.
  2. A聽complicated,聽petty聽set聽of聽procedures.

When things that seem to make all the sense in the world become confusing and chaotic, what do you do? 聽I am looking forward to clearing my mind with some hot yoga in the morning. 聽I know that all things work out the way they’re supposed to, but it’s sometimes difficult for me to shift to find the new perspective. 聽Oh, I will shift. 聽Without a doubt. 聽But there’s a delayed reaction. Maybe (hopefully) it’s just for a little while. 聽And by little while, I mean a quick moment. 聽Lofty, but possible, right? 聽It’s just hard being vulnerable and not in control. 聽But ever the risk taker, I can’t help but try, even if it ends in failure. I bump my head and get back up after as soon as I’m no longer dizzy.

So until I make that shift that facilitates my ability to have a positive perspective, this is for me and anyone else there that is having some trouble sorting stuff out.

Be still, young heart, and never will you fall apart.
Be wise, my dear, you must learn to just be still
Until you really really know.
Show me your eye, shine your light, I wonder when will i know.

Love and Randomness

Love and Randomness

Love is in the air. 聽While it seems to be darting every which-a-way when it enters a 5 yard radius of me, it’s so great to see my friends swooning and being wooed. Black love exists!! (Despite the media alarms that it’s endangered–it still exists.) It’s something special to see your friends giddy and grinning. 聽What’s more uplifting than the aura of love infused in the atmosphere? 聽Positivity is contagious! 聽Let it infect you!

There’s nothing like the feeling of a new connection. 聽The stolen glances at the guy across the room whose good looks caught your eye. The charming smile sent your way to acknowledge that the interest is mutual. 聽The instant spark you feel as soon as he enters your energy field to introduce himself and find out who you are. 聽The natural flirting that neither of you can help. 聽It feels great when you go out on your first (and second and third) date and your heart flutters as he dotes on you and stares into you, learning you, allowing himself to be learned. 聽And it’s astounding when you could talk to him until daylight or when you can sit with him without a word spoken.

It’s really only supposed to work out once–which means it won’t work out who knows how many times before that. 聽Although I sometimes kick myself for being (maybe too) open and vulnerable, I wouldn’t trade those immensely charged feelings of being connected to someone, desire, anticipation, hope, inspiration, promise for the hope of never feeling disappointed, rejected, abandoned. 聽You won’t know if it’s meant to be unless you step out on faith and see.

Love is in the air. 聽Jump up and grab some.