Speaking of Twilight…

Speaking of Twilight…

one of my fellow Twilightians has written a nice piece on her thoughts after reading the series.  Check, check it out.

And my comment, slighty revised (cuz I write more on other people’s blog than I do my own…):

I think that when we dream of our own fairy tales, we only focus on the ending. The happily ever after. And dismiss the actual story it took you so long to read. The whole part after the once upon a time. And that’s why we have a hard time accepting that our fairy tales will have the twists and turns and requires that unconditional love that gets us to the happily ever after.

I think this series has given me a new appreciation for my own relationship(s) because the ongoing battles force me to think of happily ever after as an ongoing state of existence–not as a goal of somehow getting to a future with no problems and all happy days. They/We don’t live happily ever after at the end of the book, but they lived happily ever after throughout the book and beyond. It’s like a cycle bundled in one–it takes the unconditional love to get through those major obstacles and the major obstacles at the same time somehow make the love stronger.

These books were right on time.

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I saw relationship(s) because it occurred to me today while chatting with a friend that my circle has drastically changed in last couple of years.  My best friends at various points of my life, who I thought I would never be without, are no longer my closest friends.  And knowing that I once thought they would be my ride or die chicks until I died makes me sad.  And quite honestly, it makes me a little afraid to get close to people, even though I know deep down that God puts people in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  It’s not just some cliche.  But the hurt of waking up and not having a friend is still real.

I think that’s the beauty of Twilight–it has made me reflect on my ideals of a romantic relationship is, what I think a soulmate is or feels like or can go through, but it also has made me think more deeply about relationships I have as a whole–which has always been an area of my life that’s not exactly a strength.  I’ve been blessed to see that goodbye isn’t always forever.  More than once.  My best friend in high school and I are cool again after not keeping touch throughout our college years, and that lets me know that our friendship wasn’t a fluke.  But at the end of the day,  I still have to make the choice between my overall happiness and (how related my happiness is to that relationship) and how important a relationship is to me.  Bella grapples with this throughout the book, and I think one reason I’m so engaged in this book is because I can find my life throughout it.

Ok, that’s it on that for now.  Unlike Vonetta, I have one more book to go!

What do black people read?

What do black people read?

So… I’m in the midst of reading the Twilight series (which is one of the best love stories I’ve ever read, probably because I see so much of myself in it), and after I finished book #3 Eclipse, I decided to run to Walmart and pick up the final book of the series.  Now, I chose Wallie World because I wanted to get a particular brand of taquitos, which my Kroger does not carry, so getting the book for a few dollars less would be a bonus.

Now, generally, I go to the Walmart near my job (and my last place of residence) because I know it well and because there are lots of other places around it in case I need to run any more errands.  But not too long ag0, my friends asked why I go to Midtown West rather than just go to the one on the Southside, which after a certain point, I just feel is too far–probably just for the mere fact that it goes outside the perimeter. Eek!  haha  They’re actually about the same distance/or at least the same time to get to.  Anywho, so I said, since I’m always the one preaching about shopping in your own area and supporting businesses in black areas, I decided to go to the other Walmart, rather than MY Walmart.

After being sorely disappointed in finding NO taquitos, I drag myself to the book area, to find that there was a full formal setting for a ROW of Twilight books, and half of it had been replaced by MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE BOOKS!!!  WHAT??!?!?!  I wish I had taken a picture.  These three Michael Jackson books had their own setting, and Walmart decided it needed extra space I guess.  NOTE TO WALMART: MJ’S TWO WEEKS ARE UP!  Only late scragglers are buying those books now, so either you were late getting on the gravy train, or you ordered way too many in the first place.

So since the 1st and 4th books were totally missing, I decided to ask an employee if they had any stocked away.  Surely, if the books were selling to the point they sold out, they wouldn’t just not order anymore and completely replace them with MJ books that they already had.  Well, evidently, that’s exactly what happened.  The associate said, “Huh? Black people don’t read Twilight! But I’m sure once we sell these MJ books, we’ll order more Twilight.”  As I stood there peering down at my skin color and looking back at him to study his face and decide if he was being serious, he asked me if I really was into the books like that.  UH YEAH!  So I informed him that I have several friends reading the book, and that I was disappointed.  We then had a conversation about what the books were actually about, since he turned his nose up and dismissed them as books about vampires biting people.

Of course, I just went on to the Kroger next door and found both my taquitos and my book.  But it left me wondering, what do black people read?  Are we really so limited in the books that we read that purchasing managers in black neighborhoods would leave the fact that they sold out of a book as a fluke and that noone would miss a book because they’d be ecstatic about an overflow of books that were clearly created as a ploy to make money from a man’s death?  I have some friends who read black romance novels only, some who read black literature as a whole, others who like nonfiction books, others who don’t read for fun at all, and others, like me, who just like good books, even if we have particular preferences.  What do YOU like to read?