It’s time for Halloween and my volunteer trip!

It’s time for Halloween and my volunteer trip!

I have no costume for myself as of yet, but I hope you like my “spooky” look on my blog.

I hope to have an AWESOME time this Halloween weekend.  I’m going to New Orleans to volunteer, and I am too excited.  New Orleans is my fave fave fave city, so I’m happy to have the chance to pitch in and do my part.  I hope to do this again next year.

There’s alot on my mind in terms of politics, relationships, fashion, and much more, but it’s not in sharable format.  So until I can make some sense of all this hodgepodge in my head…

Here’s a video about Post-Katrina Lower 9th Ward, where I’ll be working Sunday morning.

And here’s one of my fave party songs, which is from New Orleans.  I’ve been dancing to this mug for YEARS.  Some songs are just classics. 🙂