In the midst of resetting

In the midst of resetting

I’m a little less than a week behind, but my 31 Day Reset has been very positive and helpful. I’ve written letters, created a self-care plan, deleted people from social media (and I’m not done yet), written in a gratitude journal, and went a weekend with no TV. So I just wanted to stop in and share 10 of the 100 things that make me happy. Creating that list was a little difficult. I got through 50 pretty easily, and then I started struggling. I got to 88 and took a couple days off and came back to it. But it was still a nice experience to sit and mull over what makes me feel good. So here are a few of them (and they’re random, not in any order (of course–who can rank 100 things??)). I may share some more another day. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  •  Fresh flowers
  • Inspirational messages from Mike (my older brother)
  • Trying new yoga poses
  • Gchatting with friends
  • Traveling to new places
  • Hugging older people
  • Seeing comments or likes on my blog posts
  • Finding money in a pocket
  • Reading a really good book
  • Sharing milkshakes with Frederick

If you are working on infusing some goodness in your life, try creating a list of 100 things that make you happy. You’re going to smile each time you think of something.

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